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Tatt2Away® Tattoo Removal non laser – has reinvented tattoo removal with its unique technique called Trans Epidermal Pigment Release (TEPR®)
ALL treatments are by a Certified Trained operator TEPR® is a combination of macro fractional and escharotic techniques that have advantages over traditional laser  tattoo removal that is much safer and faster than traditional laser treatments
Tatt2away® system has shown that the size and spacing between the treatment dots, along with the appropriate amount of solution delivered is critical for speed of healing, least scarring potential, and return to natural skin colour.
Tatt2away® gives you greater options of removal or modification of an existing tattoo to aid in the new cover up art. Precise removal of a portion of a tattoo, or the full removal to make way for new skin art to be created.

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How The Technology Works

These de-epithelialized patches expose the underlying dermis, into which TEPRSOL® solution is then introduced. The needles facilitate penetration of the solution to a defined depth in the epidermis.
A partial thickness injury is created in the skin to a depth that includes the tattoo-pigmented dermis. The proprietary solution causes coagulative necrosis of the dermis and forms an eschar (scab) of necrotic skin. This dries over the course
of a day.
Wound healing proceeds around and under the eschar that separates spontaneously (drops off the skin) after about two weeks, thus releasing the ink within the eschar and expelling it from the body. Repeat Sessions – Using the 5mm “dot” technique,
the whole area of the tattoo may be progressively and sequentially covered with dots, and removed, in a small number of sessions, measurable and distinguishable progress can be seen with each treatment.
Tattoo ink remains a liquid underneath the skin, that moves and grows with you, between the epidermis and dermis.


The skin is marked with a patented template pattern that has been designed to minimize the possibility of scarring and the number of treatments required using a template guide with 5mm treatment circles and 3mm skin bridges, a multi-coloured
tattoo may be removed in only 30-minute treatment sessions.


TEPRSOL® a patented solution developed by Rejuvetek Medical, is introduced instead of ink as the skin is lightly abraded, the fluid breaks down the ink pigment and a scab forms over the treated area. The scab falls away; the pigment comes with it, leaving clear, pink skin. This works with the body’s own natural healing processes.

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Unlike laser removal which breaks down pigment ingredients and deposit them in critical organs of the body, this is potentially dangerous and even carcinogenic, TEPR® uses the body’s natural healing process to expel the pigment – treats all Pigment Colours.


The procedure sensation is comparable to that of a tattoo being applied. Average treatment sessions last about 20–40 minutes. Time between treatment sessions is usually about 8 to 12 weeks.


The TEPRSOL® and the treatment produces an escharotic response that relies on the body’s natural wound healing to reject the ink from the treated area in the form of a scab, actually removing the ink from the body.


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