Inkxtract - offering Professional Tatt2Away® Non-Laser Tattoo Removal and Cosmetic Tattoos at Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast.Tatt2Away® has reinvented tattoo removal with its unique technique called Trans Epidermal Pigment Release (TEPR®). All Inkxtract staff are trained and certified Tatt2Away members. We are also the Asia Pacific Training Centre for Tatt2Away.

Less Costly

Average 3–4 sessions – Treatment of pigmented skin just one time in only 20-minute treatment sessions.
In comparison – laser removal takes an average of 10 sessions and in most cases, not all coloured pigment can be treated.
It is very important to follow post treatment instructions completely to ensure success.
Using the TEPR® procedure you will be able to have:
▶ All tattoo colours removed;
▶ Complete Tattoo Removal;
▶ Partial Tattoo Removal for selective cover up tattoo;
▶ Permanent make-up removal;
▶ Residual colours left from laser removal.

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Tattoo Removal Treatment Patterns


The number of Tatt2Away® tattoo removal treatments depend on the size, complexity and location of the design.
A professional consultation will determine how many visits may be required, however an average size tattoo 10 cm x 10 cm may need as few as three or four visits. Aftercare compliance is critical to achieving optimal results.

(This individual only wanted the turquoise background removed)

Cover Ups

Unwanted Tattoos, past mistakes, poor choice, good idea at the time has now turned into a regret.

Cover ups made easy. Wanting a portion of your tattoo, removed?

Your tattoo artist can change your tattoo mistake.  We can help you save  money and limit the amount of treatments required.

Tatt2Away, is your solution to your problem piece.  Tatt2away can lift out any color, and help with your cover up options.  Both Artist and Technician can work together to remove your tattoo.  That is exactly what the non-laser all natural system does. It takes the tattoo ink and pigment out of the skin, and allows the body’s healing process eliminate it to make way for new clear skin.

Unwanted tattoos happen all the time.  Tatt2Away capabilities are an excellent alternative for that impossible cover up.